BIPOC stories are created, pitched, and developed by Keep It Simple Productions, LLC for television networks and production companies.

In the entertainment industry, people of color are often underrepresented. We want to share these underrepresented communities' stories through documentaries, web series, and feature films.



Evelyn Brito has over 15 years of experience as a creative producer and screenwriter. Additionally, she has years of event planning, speaker booking, and engagement experience.

Ms. Brito has been responsible for arranging some of the most significant corporate gatherings and production projects such as TJX’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), Men of Color Leadership Conference (MOC), and Women of Color Conference in Boston, New York, and New Jersey. 

Ms. Brito is currently the writer and executive producer of Bodega Makeover. Bodega Makeover is a bold reinvention of the makeover series featuring communities around the United States that have largely been left behind by chain grocery and retailers. Bodegas and their owners are the soul and lifeblood of their urban neighborhoods. This series showcases their stories and thank them for being there when others weren’t by modernizing their storefront, helping to build relationships with new partners, and therefore breathing new life into the community.



Evelyn Brito cuenta con más de quince años de experiencia como productora creativa y guionista. Adicionalmente, tiene años de experiencia en organización de eventos, contratación y manejo de conferencistas.


Brito ha sido responsable de la organización de algunos de los más significativos encuentros corporativos y proyectos de producción como TJX’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), la conferencia de los líderes de Men of Color y de Women of Color en Boston, Nueva York y New Jersey. 


Evelyn Brito es actualmente la escritora y productora ejecutiva de Bodega Makeover, una re-invención audaz de las series de makeover que muestra comunidades en varios lugares de Estados Unidos que han sido marginalizadas por las cadenas de supermercados y tiendas de departamento. Las bodegas y sus dueños son el alma y la vida de los barrios urbanos. Esta serie celebra sus historias, un  agradecimiento por estar presentes donde otros no lo están, modernizando sus espacios, ayudando a construir nuevas relaciones y aportando vitalidad en las comunidades.



Event Producer

Executive Producer: Bodega Makeover

The Latino population is the fastest growing in the United States, representing 51% of population growth according to the 2020 census. 

La Revista Hispana - Bodega Makeover, Evelyn Brito - 2/23/2020


A virtual conversation featuring Jessica Vargas - Director, Multicultural Marketing, HBO Max and HBO at HBO and HBO Max, in her role, Jessica focuses on inclusivity while developing authentic and intentional campaigns that reflect the diverse world that we live in. With the launch of HBO’s is bicultural movement and campaign, Pa'lante!, she is helping to shape the future of HBO and multi-cultural marketing. Moderated by Evelyn Brito

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