Keep It Simple Productions, LLC. (KISP) create, and develop stories of people of color and pitch to tv networks and film productions.


In the entertainment industry, people of color are often misrepresented and unheard. KISP would like to utilize its platform for these communities in order to bring light to their stories through documentaries, web series, featured films, etc. 

Bodega Makeover

Bodega Makeover

Bodega Makeover, similar to Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Hotel Impossible, and This Old House, is a docu-reality web series providing store improvements and healthy eating options for local neighborhoods. Our goal is to promote healthier options, and to tell the stories of Hispanic/Urban communities that have less access to healthy food, while simultaneously connecting families and communities

World Hip-Hop

World Hip-Hop

World Hip-Hop is a music documentary series, featuring personal interview with hip-hop pioneers, Djs, promoters, educator and world wide artist.

Granny Snatching

Granny Snatching

Documentary - 35min Jennese and Julie were raised by their Grandmother, known as GRAMITA. In her 90s, Gramita went to live with Jennese. One day Gramita was snatched up and taken to Puerto Rico under false pretenses by their mother Ada and placed in a nursing home.


Evelyn Brito is a creative film producer, screenwriter, and director with over 15 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry. She is also an event and marketing manager with several years’ experience in planning events, booking qualified speakers, and engaging attendees.


Ms. Brito’s film career started in 2001 as a comedy producer for BOOM TV on channel 23 Boston Neighborhood Network in Boston, Massachusetts. She held this role for six years, during which she worked as a stage manager for various events and TV productions, videos, and film shorts for local directors.


She's currently the writer and executive producer of Bodega Makeover. Bodega Makeover, similar to Extreme Makeover Home Edition, is a docu-reality web series providing store improvements and healthy eating options for local neighborhoods. The host will meet with the business owner to discuss any issues the bodega is facing, act as a consultant, and bring community health experts and designers in the process.


Evelyn Brito was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She studied Film Production at the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, California. Her greatest passion is to be behind the scenes—producing and directing. Her experience working for nonprofits gives her a unique perspective to write stories that are socially relevant to the local community.

Photo by Byron F. Banks

Evelyn Brito

Executive Producer

Keep it Simple Productions, LLC.


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