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BIPOC stories are created, pitched, and developed by Keep It Simple Productions, LLC for television networks and production companies.

In the entertainment industry, people of color are often underrepresented. We want to share these underrepresented communities' stories through documentaries, web series, and feature films.



As an Indigenous (Taino) Afro-Dominican American, Evelyn Brito takes great pride in her heritage.
(The Taíno were an Arawak people who were the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida)

Evelyn is a high-energy, creative producer, writer, and event producer with over 18 years of experience.  She has a proven track record of creating successful events. Evelyn is a talented storyteller and communicator, with a passion for creating innovative and engaging experiences.

Ms. Brito has organized some of the most important corporate gatherings and production projects, including TJX's Employee Resource Group (ERG), Men of Color Leadership Conference (MOC), and Women of Color Conference in Boston, New York, and New Jersey. These events are designed to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The conferences also provide a platform for employees to come together to share experiences, learn from each other, and build strong relationships.

In her most recent role as the studio manager and event producer for GBH, Evelyn has been responsible for launching two community series: Lounge Thursdays and Outspoken Saturdays. She oversaw the presentation of diverse vocal performances at the GBH studio, which was housed within the Boston Public Library. Evelyn coordinated and managed all aspects of the series, including artist booking, promotion, and event production. She also worked with the Boston Public Library staff to ensure that the events ran smoothly. She was able to successfully launch and grow the series, becoming an important component of the GBH programming.

Her current positions include freelance producer for Anawan Studios and writer and executive producer for Bodega Makeover. Her roles with Anawan Studios and Bodega Makeover allow her to put her skills to work and help other productions succeed. She loves the challenge of creating new stories and projects and is always eager to learn and grow. She is passionate about creating content that conveys a message and resonates with her audience. She is constantly looking for ways to expand her creativity and reach a wider audience.

BODEGA MAKEOVER brings stories of vibrant characters, communities, and intersecting cultures to
the well-loved makeover format. We’re traveling from city to city to help families reimagine their
bodegas, corner shops, and groceries to re-energize their neighborhoods through uplifting


Executive Producer 

Event Producer

The Latino population is the fastest growing in the United States, representing 51% of population growth according to the 2020 census. 

La Revista Hispana - Bodega Makeover, Evelyn Brito - 2/23/2020


A virtual conversation featuring Jessica Vargas - Director, Multicultural Marketing, HBO Max and HBO at HBO and HBO Max, in her role, Jessica focuses on inclusivity while developing authentic and intentional campaigns that reflect the diverse world that we live in. With the launch of HBO’s is bicultural movement and campaign, Pa'lante!, she is helping to shape the future of HBO and multi-cultural marketing. Moderated by Evelyn Brito

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Evelyn Brito

Executive Producer

Keep it Simple Productions, LLC.

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